Frequently Asked Questions


Free shipping on all orders over $25.

South Carolina: $4.00 flat rate for orders under $25.

Other legal states: $10.00 flat rate for orders under $25.


Must be 21+ to purchase.

Delta-8 THC derived from hemp is legal in South Carolina under state and federal law. This means you can purchase, use, possess, sell, distribute, and produce hemp-derived delta-8 THC products without fear of penalty or prosecution. Why is delta-8 legal in South Carolina? Because state hemp laws coincide with the Agriculture Improvement Act (2018 Farm Bill), a significant piece of federal legislation legalizing hemp and hemp-derived compounds across the country, including delta-8 and delta-10.

All Slater Stash products are lab tested and certified. Copies of lab certifications are available by request. In order for us to provide you with the correct lab findings, please be prepared to provide the product name as well as the date purchased, and place of purchase.

Slater's Stash is not responsible for misuse of product. Read all instructions and warnings. Delta-8 is made from hemp and can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Consult a licensed physician before use.